Quotes / Rugby Is Slaughter

On a crisp fall day in 1823 William Webb Ellis picked up a football in his hands and ran with it. To this day, backs throughout the world hail this moment as the birth of rugby. Forwards, however, know that the game was not really invented until 1.5 seconds later, when Roland Dimrumple drove a squealing Mr. Ellis' face into the turf, kicked him in the solar plexus and told him to "keep his sodding hands off the ball."

"We must bring this lovely game back to Gaul!"
Obelix, Astérix in Britain

"Football is a game for gentlemen, played by ruffians, and Rugby is a game for ruffians, played by gentlemen."

"Rugby is a good occasion for keeping thirty bullies far from the center of the city."

... each side is allowed to put in a certain amount of assault and battery and do things to its fellowman which, if done elsewhere, would result in fourteen days without the option, coupled with some strong remarks from the Bench.

Rugby is a game where large men run at each other and then stomp on each other with spiked boots for 80 minutes.