Quotes / Right Hand vs. Left Hand

Had you worked together instead of against each other, you might have been successful.
M. Bison, Street Fighter

The Inquisition is a hundred different schools of thought, divided by a single goal.
Lord Inquisitor Nihilus, Warhammer 40,000

You do not need to look to the stars to find the greatest obstacle this Conclave faces, my brothers. Simply gaze around this room and you will find such a sea of discord as to make our foes cackle with glee.
Inquisitor Eistus Gracker in address to the Calixian Conclave, Warhammer 40,000

Cragen: This is why the criminals are running rings around us.
Agent Schrek: Why?
Cragen: Because they're working together, and we're not.

Sometimes our right hand doesn't know what our far-right hand is doing.
Ronald Reagan

"Zeb was the kind of guy who was so secretive, not only didn't his right hand know what his left hand was doing, often his thumb was kept in the dark about what his fingers were up to."

"My right hand hasn't seen my left hand in thirty years."
J.J. Hunsecker, Sweet Smell of Success

"Is ONI one happy family? Oh, please. We've got four divisions, officially, and only one of them knows that we've actually got more than that. There's Section Two—made up of psyops and PR, who each kid themselves they're not like the other at all—which tells the lies; Section Zero, which thinks it spies on everyone else, tells lies to Section Two, and thinks it tells lies to Sections One and Three; Section One does stuff we can almost talk about, the interface with other branches; and Section Three does the stuff we can't talk about or else it would have to kill everyone in fascinating and groundbreaking new ways."
Black Box, Halo