Quotes / Rich Boredom

Johnny: What's the matter, you fed up?
Linda: To the neck.
Johnny: Even with this million-dollar museum? All those marble pillars down there?
Linda: Case, compared to the life I lead the last man in a chain gang thoroughly enjoys himself!
Johnny: What you need's some time off from what you've been doing day in, day out.
Linda: You mean from what I've not been doing days in — please — years out.

"You want to know why we did it? We were bored!"
Warren "Fox" Lawford from Batman: The Animated Series, "Terrible Trio".

"I lived all my years in that ancient rumor-shadowed manor, fattened by decadence and luxury. And yet, I began to tire of conventional extravagence."
- The Ancestor's intro narration, Darkest Dungeon