-> '''Black Hat Guy''': You know, [[Music/JohnnyCash I once shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.]] \\
'''Cueball''': Really? Well, I once shot a man in Reno, but I couldn't tell you why. \\
'''Black Hat Guy''': I once shot a man in Reno, then I went home to cry. \\
'''Cueball''': I once shot a man in Reno, then I watered his cacti. \\
'''Black Hat Guy:''' I once shot a man in Reno 'cause they cancelled ''Series/{{Firefly}}''\\
'''Cueball:''' I once shot a man in Reno, him and all his succubi.\\
'''Black Hat Guy''': I once shot a man in Reno [[CrossesTheLineTwice and a bunch more in My Lai]]. \\
'''Cueball''': I think we're done.
-->-- '''Webcomic/{{xkcd}} #206'''

->''"Why do I talk all the time, it's really hard to make these rhyme!"''
-->-- '''Gruntilda''', ''VideoGame/BanjoKazooie''

->''"Why be led, when you can be leader? \\
Why bow to lady luck when you can beat her? \\
Why sit back and relax if you can pull your fill? \\
Before you are taken, why not go in for the kill? \\
[[NobleWomansLaugh O-hohohohohoho!"]]''
-->-- ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI Shantotto]]''

->''"...Quant sor un rouge olifant \\
Vint uns limeçons armés \\
Qui lor aloit escriant : \\
« Fil a putain, sa venez !\\
Je versefie en dormant. »"''
-->''("...When on a red elephant \\
[[SurrealHumor An armed snail arrived]] \\
That shouted to them: \\
'Come on then, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch sons of bitches]]! \\
[[LampshadeHanging I rhyme in my sleep.]]'")''
-->-- '''Author unknown''', ''[[GagSeries Fatrasies d'Arras]]'' [[TheHighMiddleAges (second half 13th century)]]

->''"If I spoke prose, you'd all find out / I don't know what I talk about!"''
-->-- '''Jeremy''', ''WesternAnimation/YellowSubmarine''

->Calvin scrambled up the stairs and dove into a door on the top floor.
->[[LampshadeHanging Hey, that rhymes! Door. Floor.]]
->Heh, heh. Maybe I could write a poem for my next story.
-->-- '''Socrates [[LemonyNarrator (narrating)]]''', ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeries'', [[Recap/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeriesS1E18ConfessionsOfAPrankLovingTiger "Confessions of a Prank-Loving Tiger"]]

->'''Elevator Attendant Buzz:''' Mr. Kline, up to 9. Mrs. Dell, personnel. Mr. Levin, 37.\\
'''Mr. Levin:''' Uh, 36\\
'''Buzz:''' ''[[SeriousBusiness Walk. Down.]]''
-->-- ''Film/TheHudsuckerProxy''

->'''[[WesternAnimation/SecretSquirrel Greg]]''': Oh no! My scheme was ended by a stake! Was my plan merely wasted, like a autumn leaf swept aside by a rake?!\\
'''[[VideoGame/EndlessFrontier Nacht]]''': Yeah, but rhyming isn't gonna save you from me.\\
(Nacht opens fire.)
-->-- ''Roleplay/WeAreOurAvatars''

->''"As for rhymes, I've got Tourette's.\\
And this is how it manifests.''
-->-- ''[[Podcast/{{Rifftrax}} Kevin Murphy (as Mr. Mac)]]''

->'''Marjo''': Wow even on fire he actually rhymed.
->'''Luiji''': You could say it was ill-timed.
->'''Marjo''': Shut up.

->"Most of the time, he talked in rhyme." The mountain man chuckled. "Like I guess I just did."
-->-- ''Blossom'', by Creator/AndrewVachss

->I'm Pippi. Who're you? What is it you're up to? I'm off on an adventure every day. Don't think of me as boyish, OK?
-->--''Pippi'', ''VideoGame/EarthBoundBeginnings''