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Quotes: Ret Irony
"This is supposed to be my last night of work, not my last night on the planet Earth!"
Josie, Air Panic

And Frankie kicked a mine the day that mankind kicked the moon
God help him, he was going home in June.
Redgum, "I Was Only Ninteen"

Lien: I can't belive you survived as their prisoner for so long!
O-chul: I'll be honest, I did not actually expect to live through this.
Elan: Don't say that! Whenever someone says that right after surviving something dangerous, something totally random pops out and kills them!
Everyone looks around. When nothing happens:
Elan: Well, most of the time, at least. Just don't announce that you're going to retire tomorrow, okay?

Darth Maul: And to think... I was gonna retire after this case...

"Damn! And I was only one day from retirement!"
McBain's partner, The Simpsons

URL: Poor Smitty. He was two weeks from retirement.
Fry: What happened to him?
URL: He took an early retirement. Damn.

"Darn! Just one more page and I would've finished this book."
The Man with No Name, The Town With No Name

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