Quotes: Remember the New Guy


Itchy: Look Scratchy, it's our old friend Poochie!
Scratchy: What's that name again? I forgot.
The Simpsons, "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"

Mels: I'm their best mate.
Doctor: Then why don't I know you?
Doctor Who, "Let's Kill Hitler"

"Ha haaaa! Fancy meeting you here, Princess. Remember me?"
— Anthony Higgs, Metroid: Other M

Bruce: Ah, my old nemesis: Cheetah Lee.
Cheetah Lee: Um, who is this?
Bruce: You thought you had defeated me for good, but I, Bruce, fought back from the grave. I will take over the world and take my revenge on you!
Cheetah Lee: I don't think we've met.

Dio Brando: (to Jonathan Joestar) Jojo... Looks like I've gone and forsaken humanity, JOJO!
(Dio looks at Robert Speedwagon.)
Dio Brando: (to Speedwagon) ...Who are you supposed be?
Speedwagon: Me? I am the interfering Speedwagon.
Jonathan: (to Dio) DIO!
Jonathan: (to Speedwagon) ...Who are you?!
Speedwagon: The interfering Speedwagon, of course
(George Joestar has a coughing fit.)
George: Man, you guys are loud...
George: (to Speedwagon) Who are you?
Speedwagon: The interfering—
(Dio interrupts Speedwagon.)

Yugi: Those bullies are being mean to Gary Stu!
Joey: Who the hell is Gary Stu?
Yugi: I don't know, but apparently, he's my best friend.

On works

"As legendarily hatable as Mel is, and she is one of the most roundly mocked characters in all of Doctor Who, she's not nearly as misbegotten as all of that... But as poor as much of the writing for Mel is, the larger problem is that she's a companion with a strangely swallowed origin. John Nathan-Turner quasi-famously wrote an origin story for her in his book on the Companions that had her teaming up with the Doctor to stop the Master from an audacious computer hacking attack on the world's banks, which, let's be honest, probably would have been terrible. But it's still preferable to what we got."
Phil Sandifer on "Terror of the Vervoids"

"Remember Ensign Sonya Gomez from Q Who? That is an object lesson in how to introduce a secondary character and make it extremely memorable. She was quirky, ditzy and accident prone but most of all she was really likable. I remember saying at the time I wish she had been kept on. There’s no such insight in the introduction of the four wayward Voyager crewmembers here. The pre titles sequence is a long, tedious tour of the ship as we watch one of them pass a padd to another as they head around Voyager in their daily tasks. The problem here being that there is more focus on the padd (ie aren’t we clever for doing this extended sequence?) rather than giving any of these characters any kind of personality to attract them to the viewer. Who are these non entities that we have never heard about before and why are we bothering with them now? Remember those four Maquis members from Learning Curve? What the hell happened to them? Remember genuinely interesting crewmembers such as Seska, Suder, Hogan and Carey…what the hell did the writers decide to do with those potentially awesome characters? Dead, dead, dead and missing in action. What about Ensign Wildman? How comes she’s never seen these days but her kid turns up in every episode? ...If any of these people are seen again it will be nothing more than a fleeting cameo rather than anything significant and don’t pretend otherwise."
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Good Sheppard"

"I don't know who Anisa is either, but it's heavily implied she became Jasmine's mother figure after she lost her actual one. If Anisa is that important, why have we not heard of her for 15 years? You can't just invent a character like this when so much already exists without her. Where was she at Jasmine's wedding?"
Platypus Comix review of Disney Princess Enchanted Tales

Ada: You... knew each other?
The Dark Id-as-Leon: Well, the script says I did, but hell if I've ever seen that guy before the cutscene just after the fight with Todd.
Leon: More or less. Maybe it's about time you told me the reason you're here?
TDI-as-Leon: You know, since you're an actual reoccurring character and not someone pretending to be one?

Applejack: So what's with this brother of yours and why haven't we ever heard of him?
Twilight Sparkle: What are you talking about? Of course you've seen him before! He was there when we all celebrated Pinkie's birthday, don't you remember? And he was there when we all went to Cloudsdale together. And he showed up that one time Pinkie went insane for a day. (picture of Shining Armour taped onto those scenes) It's not like my brother just appeared out of thin air and now we're pretending that he was there the whole time.
Pinkie Pie: That never happened! Phhh, lazy writers...

"When Caine Wise first appears in this movie, it really does feel like the film wants you to think, Ah, yes, my favorite character, Caine Wise. How we’ve grown with you over the years. I hope you succeed again, old friend."
— Mike Ryan, a variant in that he's talking about a character's first appearance in an original movie, Jupiter Ascending Is A Lot Like Watching ‘Attack Of The Clones’ As Your First ‘Star Wars’ Movie.