Quotes / Remembered I Could Fly

“But I can’t do this!” Uriel exclaimed, looking terrified.
“What? Yes you can, that’s why I assigned you to do it!” Michael snapped back.
“But to do that I have to be able to fly,” Uriel replied reasonably.
Everyone present stared at him.
“YOU CAN FLY!” someone shouted, although that person would never admit to having been an about-to-panic Wensleydale.
“Ohhh, right. Okay, so I think I can do that,” Uriel said with a decisive nod.

"I wonder if that silly duck'll remember that he can fly."
"Guess not."
Bugs Bunny, The Iceman Ducketh

Raditz: Damn it...and there was no way I could have gotten out of there...
Piccolo: You know, you could have flown.
Dragon Ball Z Abridged, "Episode 2"

Nappa: (stops flying in mid-air) Vegeta!
Vegeta: What is it, Nappa!?
Nappa: I can fly.
Vegeta: (stammering) ...Yes, Nappa, yes you can.
Dragon Ball Z Abridged, "Episode 8"

Goku: But I can't get him in time! There's no way I can move fast enough to grab him, get out, and- (realizes he can Instant Transmission and pops out)
Gohan: D-did he just remember he could do that?
Popo: Your father's an idiot.
Dragon Ball Z Abridged, "Episode 48"

Marisa: Well, will you open the door?
Prismriver Sisters: This door does not open.
Marisa: Don't you go through it now and then?
Prismriver Sisters: We just fly over it.
Marisa: ... Oh.