Quotes / Reluctant Ruler

"Hey Juiz, I'm afraid this time around passing myself off as a terrorist isn't going to be enough to cover all my tracks, so I'd like you to use my remaining balance to make me the king of Japan. That's right, there are a lot of intelligent people in this country but none of them are willing to step up and lead the way. Honestly I'd rather not be the guy that had to do it either, but there's one girl who truly believes in me."
— Akira Takizawa- Eden of the East

It's odd. When I wanted to rule, I would have been terrible at it. Now that I might be decent - I don't know if it's the right thing to do.
Sebastian, Dragon Age II

"But surely it is those who are not lovers of ruling who must rule, for if they don't, the lovers of it, who are rivals, will fight over it."
— Socrates- Republic, Book VII

"I never asked for this crown. Gold is cold and heavy on the head. But so long as I am the king, I have a duty."
Stannis Baratheon, A Storm of Swords