Quotes / Red Herring

"By the way: when the hell did it become so verboten to use foreshadowing, that you have to actively go out of your way to prove your foreshadowing wrong?"

"It's more important for a gun which is fired to be shown than it is for a gun which is shown to be fired."

"Communism was just a red herring."
— Three characters, one for each ending, from the movie Clue

"Wow, there are shapeshifters in the Star Wars universe! We've been shown that fact quite explicitly. Surely this will become important later in the plot. Only it never does. It's never mentioned again anywhere else in any of the movies. I think Anton Chekhov just committed suicide with his gun."
Darths & Droids commentary box

Who is the killer? The movie makes it painfully obvious early on—and then insists on boring us with repeated shots of another suspect. It's as if we know who the killer is, but the movie doesn't.

Cut to the inside of Tess's head...Oh, those sneaky devils, trying to throw us off the Martha trail by cliffhanging a scene where Ollie accuses Tess of being the Red Queen. Which makes absolutely no sense in hindsight, because none of this is actually real; Ollie isn't Ollie and Max, Martha and Tess all know that Tess isn't the Red Queen so... Obviously this is thrown out there for the three people still watching that have any illusions as to who the Red Queen is. Isn't it nice that they give us this much credit?
Julian Finn on Smallville, "Hostage"