Quotes / Rain of Blood

A deluge not of rain, but of blood. Deserts turned to quagmires, forests to marshlands, streets to canals. That was just the beginning.
Lone survivor of the Chaias Rift Anomaly, Warhammer 40,000

The World Eaters come in a Maelstrom of Gore. 888 faithful souls have been sacrificed to the Lord of Blood, the ensorcelled lifeblood pouring from the heavens invigorates the psychotic berserkers to even more extravagant acts of bloodshed. Chainaxes rise and fall in bloody arcs again and again and again. The red stained stormclouds rumble with peals of thunder, sounding for all the world like the laughter of mad gods. Truly, the berserkers of the fallen legions are the most terrible of foes, for their god is strong indeed.

"A senbon rainstorm, huh? I've got a better idea. Let's make it rain blood instead."
— Gaara, before liquefying three enemy ninjas, Naruto