Quotes / Race Lift

"Munro Kelly, I'm your Great White Hunter for this trip, though I happen to be black."

Priest: Well, you should definitely see The Passion. It's a very important movie.
Huey: Couldn't see it. White Jesus.
Priest: Excuse me?
Huey: (sighs) Come on, man. It's supposed to be all historically accurate and they still got a white man playing Jesus? That's some old bullshit.

"I'm back and I'm black!"

Miles Morales: Hey, do they have a Nick Fury where you come from?
Peter Parker: Oh, yes.
Fury: Yeah? What's he like?
Peter: Uh, white.
Fury: Sorry to hear that.

Watch as the ethnically diverse heroes you know and love are brought to life as generic white kids. And the ethnically diverse villains... stay ethnically diverse.

Every scene Idris Elba is in is a resounding THAT'S WHY to all those doubters who wondered why they cast a black man as a Viking God.
Harry Knowles, in his review of Thor

David Alan Grier told me he once starred in a multi-culti Wiz and it was weird. "It was like an all-Filipino episode of Empire."