Quotes / Quicksand Box

"When you can do everything, it's hard to do anything."
Dark Cloud 2 ad

"After watching a decent Let's Play of the game, going over the wiki a few times, and a six-week preparation with a team of advisers and physical trainers, I was able to break through the wall. And I suppose that's the first failing of Dark Souls: it's that you need the fucking Cliffs Notes to get into it."

"Some call it a Platformer game, some call it an Adventure game, I classify it as a Where The Fuck Do I Go kinda game. Yeah, one of those."

"I keep thinking of the recent afternoon I spent watching a friend playing The Saboteur. As I looked on, I was a little overwhelmed by how much stuff was going on. It was all over the place. The Saboteur! It's a racing game! It's a stealth game! It's a shooter! It's a brawler! It's a sandbox! It's a riveting tale of loss, revenge, and heroism! It's sexy, funny, and badass! It mixes the artsy cabaret style of the 1940s with sex jokes and Nazi-battling action any twit can appreciate! It's a Goddamned Katamari of unrelated objects slammed together into a single mass!"
Pat R. on Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen

[Design director Matt Armstrong] compares [having lots of newly unlocked abilities] to having a big bucket of LEGOs, and simply emptying them all out on the table and saying, "'There's fun here. It's in there somewhere. See you later.' There were some players who were able to take the LEGO bricks and build them into something vaguely coherent. And there were some players who just looked at it [and said], 'I don't even know where to start?'"

"I seriously cannot recommend Samus Returns enough. It's just an exceptionally awesome title that harkens back to a time when a videogame just let you cry and figure it out."
Chris Dickson, Nintendo Nerdery