Quotes: Put on a Bus

"Back in Wilson High
Said I had these two best friends
Til the school bus came
And took my friends away"
Weezer, "Mykel and Carli"

"For now, let's wrap this entry up with the traditional 'farewell to' portion for a departing companion. Because it's entirely possible that nobody has ever been screwed quite as thoroughly as Nicola Bryant got screwed... In the single trashiest and laziest retcon in the series history we get the pink-haze 'she's a warrior queen of King Ycranos.' To which the Doctor sighs happily and leaves her. Note that this is not a voluntary companion departure so far as we can tell... By all appearances the Doctor gets kidnapped and never goes back for her, leaving her to Ycranos. With whom she never particularly got along, and who is a raging misogynist with violent tendencies."

"When it comes to writing off a character, ascending 'em into a higher plane of existence is probably the cheesiest way to go. You get to mourn the character as if they had truly died, but all the while the audience is deep down well aware that they will probably come back someday... Kes in Star Trek: Voyager was an Ocampa who evolved into an energy being only to come back and have a mental breakdown that nearly destroyed the ship. Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG-1 casts off his mortal form more often than he changes socks; by the second time it happens his commander actually refuses to believe he is dead, and for good reason, since he spent the last season and a half chatting with his ghostly form. Cordelia in Angel becomes one of the Powers That Be, which has the downside of opening a spot for Angel's son Connor on the cast...Ascension is even responsible for getting Wil Wheaton out of the gruesome demise he so desperately, desperately deserved on STTNG when Wesley Crusher becomes a Traveler after turning emo and meeting some Indians (seriously)."

Chris: As much as this show has moved on from Lana, it seems weird that they didnít get Kristin Kreuk to make an appearance in some capacity. Did they blow their entire guest star budget on Rosenbaum?
David: Well, Iím sure Kreuk had more important proj ó aaaaahahahaahah, no, I canít finish that sentence...Good luck, Kristin! Congratulations on escaping the Titanic, even though you were the Goddamn iceberg.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Finale")

"Pete Ross returns, chews kryptonite gum, turns into an asshole, then leaves. Supergirl appears, signs up for Smallville's 'Miss Sweet Corn' beauty pageant, disappears for a while, shows up again, then leaves once more. Plots are raised, then dropped without warning, and it all culminates in Lana and Lex leaving Smallville for B-actor obscurity, a sad moment that should have carried more weight than it did. "