Quotes / Put on a Bus

"Back in Wilson High
Said I had these two best friends
Til the school bus came
And took my friends away"
Weezer, "Mykel and Carli"

"Iím only going to appear in 11 episodes this year now youíve agreed to give me more money", says Duchovny. "Fine, but Iím going to strap you in a chair and torture you horribly for being such a pain in the ass," responds Carter.

"When it comes to writing off a character, ascending 'em into a higher plane of existence is probably the cheesiest way to go. You get to mourn the character as if they had truly died, but all the while the audience is deep down well aware that they will probably come back someday... ..."Ascension" is even responsible for getting Wil Wheaton out of the gruesome demise he so desperately, desperately deserved on STTNG when Wesley Crusher becomes a Traveler after turning emo and meeting some Indians (seriously)."

Chris: As much as this show has moved on from Lana, it seems weird that they didnít get Kristin Kreuk to make an appearance in some capacity. Did they blow their entire guest star budget on Rosenbaum?
David: Well, Iím sure Kreuk had more important proj ó aaaaahahahaahah, no, I canít finish that sentence...Good luck, Kristin! Congratulations on escaping the Titanic, even though you were the Goddamn iceberg.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Finale")

"You don't have to worry about Church anymore. He's, uh, he's out of the picture."
Max Drummer, The Expendables 3