Quotes: Principles Zealot

There is a great deal of self-love and arrogance in judging so highly of your opinions that you are obliged to disturb the public peace in order to establish them.

“Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.”

"Working covert ops, you learn to exploit weakness: You manipulate greed, fear, pride, to make people do what you want. But when you're dealing with true believers, those weaknesses aren't there. All you can do is help, or get out of the way."
Burn Notice, "Truth and Reconciliation"

Hawke: Saarebas chose death over leaving the Qun.
Arishok: That is good to hear.
Hawke: That's all you have to say?
Arishok: I will not insult Saarebas with the suggestion that making the right choice was "difficult". I expect as much from every Qunari. I doubt Saarebas earned a greater honor in his life than my reaction now.