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Quotes: Precocious

The Rules

Rule #1: No dying!
Rule #2: Don't do anything that could send Mommy to prison.
Rule #3: Don't taunt dieting adults. Your metabolism will turn on you one day too.
Rule #4: No dynamite.
Rule #7: Motor vehicles are not toys.
Rule #8: Clothing is MANDATORY!
Rule #11: Physics is not your friend.
Rule #14: Bribes are accepted. Insufficient bribes, however, bring harsher punishment.
Rule #15: No lifelike or life-sized dolls, replicas, robots etc.
Rule #16: If there's ever any doubt, yes, you are still grounded.
Rule #17: Always check with your parents before sharing any family stories.
Rule #18: No killing.
Rule #19: We shouldn't have the need to own Geiger counters, dammit!
Rule #21: All damages you cause are tallied, and you'll be billed for them at a later date.
Rule #22: Don't use this.
Rule #24: Exploiting any loopholes won't save you. Parents have the final say.
Rule #25: It's not allowed. Whatever you were just talking about is not allowed. This is the all-purpose rule.

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