Quotes: Positive Discrimination

"Not all stereotypes are negative. But even a positive one like 'All Asians are good at math' is harmful to society."
— Tour guide for the Museum of Tolerance, "The Death Camp of Tolerance" episode of South Park

...There is a tendency in contemporary activism to start with equality claims appealing to the liberal conscience, but then move on to an explicit or implicit claim of superiority. This claim can sometimes sound like the original prejudice in reverse. For example, it was once held that women were unsuited to university education because they were less intellectual and more emotional. Feminism first rightly denied this ‘difference’ in a claim for equal access to higher education, only to reassert it in another form: the claim that women are essentially more cooperative, more supportive, more related, less competitive, less hierarchical and so on, and that institutions should be ‘feminised’ to reflect the superiority of feminine values.
Humanism Betrayed, an essay excerpt by Graham Good