Quotes: Porting Disaster

"In Metal Gear, you must help special agent Solid Snake infiltrate an enemy outpost and disable a supercomputer. (There's a rumor that in the Japanese version of this game, you're actually trying to destroy a big robot. Weird.)"
IGN's "Games of 1988"

"If The False Prophet was pushing the capabilities of the Super Nintendo's antiquated processor and 128kb of memory, The Black Gate shoved them off a cliff...Limitations of the hardware forced the game to become much more linear with event flags, and many items are inexplicably moved to the dungeons. Most damningly, though, is the severe damage that Nintendo's censorship policies resulted in for the game's story and play. Monsters, for some unexplained reason, explode in a ball of fire rather than leaving bodies behind; presumably suicide-bombers are somehow more family friendly. Rather than ritual murders, you investigate kidnappings. Various words including most notably the word 'kill' are gone from the dialogue, as well as nearly everything that could be construed as an adult situation, resulting in a horribly bowdlerized game which demands no thought or moral choice and becomes just another consequence-free, mindless hack-and-slasher of the sort that Richard Garriott has been specifically trying to move away from since Quest of the Avatar. There's really no reason to play this game at all. Please don't. It doesn't even have SNES mouse support."
Robert Kosarko on Ultima VII

"I hear the Super Nintendo version didn't have a countdown timer, and actually explained the plot a bit better, but like I said, I played the Genesis version as a kid, so here I am!"
Linkara, "Wolverine: Adamantium Rage"

"And now for the Amstrad version. What can I say? Words such as travesty leap to mind. Surely there's some mistake. This isn't the OutRun we know and love. This is something else, something indefinable, something which wants to make you scream and bang your head against the nearest solid object, something you will regret spending your money on."
Computer + Video Games magazine