Quotes / Porn Stache

"-Maybe in Japan, having a little moustache like that makes you really cool.
-Somebody needs to tell them that over here, it means you're a math teacher."

"Only three kinds of people are allowed to use thick mustaches: porn stars, Freddie Mercury and Mario."
Ralph magazine's review of Super Mario Galaxy

"Being a black woman in this country has made things a bit harder for me. Now, I can't change the way I look, nor would I want to. But you—you're young, you're white, you're male... Now, honey, why you wanna flush all that down the toilet by making yourself look like Freddie Mercury circa 1980?"
Catherine Duke, NewsRadio

'"Don't know how Capt MacMillan never ordered Price's Dick Tickler neutralized..."
John "Soap" MacTavish and his thoughts on Price's Badass Moustache, Soap's Journal

Michael: Look at my police 'stache.
Gavin: He's basically wearing his badge right here.
Michael: Guess what, you didn't know. (holds finger across his upper lip) I'm a cop!