Quotes / Pony Chan

Derpy the Muffin Terrorist: "> Humanity is an extremely emotionally-driven species. Sad but true." (Picture of a fake poster with a number of 'reasons' to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide aka water.)
Rocktavia: "> Dihydrogen Monoxide" (Picture of Rainbow Dash Upending a table)
Mondo: "I know, right? That shit's dangerous! I can't believe the amount some people ingest every day! it's a wonder they're still alive!"
!!BigMac (Hawkeye Pierce): "Hey bro, excess exposure to Diydrogen Monoxide has been known to result in death. That shit needs to be regulated, man."
Derpy The Muffin Terrorist: "Hehehe... It will kill us all if we don't ban it!"
Rocktavia: "And your children bathe in it! My god, people - think of the children!"
Derpy the Muffin Terrorist: "Ahyep. Dihydrogen Monoxide. It will end you."
Excerpt From a Video Game ban debate on /chat/ following the Sandy Hook School shooting.

"I always saw it as Ponychan and /mlp/ being brothers. We piss each other off, we give each other shit, we fight over the stupidest crap, and if any jackflank dares fuck with one they better not expect the other to go easy on them."
Anonymous poster on the relationship between /mlp/ and Ponychan.

"Mommy /b/ always loved us best, while daddy /co/ beat us. /mlp/ looked up to daddy as a role model, but we grew out our hair and dropped out of school like our hippie mother."
Admiral "Miracle" Yang Wenli on the relationship between /mlp/ and Ponychan.

"Ponychan means family. And family means nopony gets left behind. Or forgotten."

"I'm not so sure we need a page on tvtropes, guys. Wasn't the wiki enough?"
Rainbro on this page.

"Ponychan? What's that? Some kind of disease? Like cancer?"
Anonymous /mlp/ poster being subtle.