Quotes / Politically Incorrect Hero

Behold the Niggertron, eternal spirit of political incorrectness!
Born of hatred, I have become love

On the wings of prejudice, I bring tolerance.

By embracing racism, we shatter it.

Now hurry up and ask me shit before I get bored.
Niggertron, AskNiggertron

I gave him a traditional African name: O.J.
Bruno, Brüno

My apologies to the HR department
Hank Schrader, ''Breaking Bad

A full-scale canvas: every shop, every market, every private residence, every "Teahouse of the August Moon". (And tell 'em to be respectful and courteous, alright?) ...Way these cookies operate, you never know. They probably got Don Cheech in a barrel of ginseng.
Kojak, "The Chinatown Murders"