Quotes / Playful Hacker

"We were hackers, creating something for the sheer joy of making it work."

Nice try hackers, but if you want to turn my electric devices against me, you're going to have to get past the big layer of fat on my fat head your teleprompter is ours Colbert, damn it hackers!

I once brought down an entire website after I accidentally posted the wrong link. Who knew a simple typo was all it took to unleash a trojan horse across an entire server system?
Pinkie Pie, LEGO Equestria Girls 2note 

Arthur Cabot: Now what does this say about the state of our country, hmm? I mean have you got any insight as to why a bright boy like this would jeopardize the lives of millions?
Nigan: No sir. He says he does this sort of thing for fun.

Our Lady of Communications won a shipwide bet
By getting into the planet's main communications net
Now every time someone calls up on an Argo telescreen
The flesh is there, but the clothes they wear are nowhere to be seen
—>— Leslie Fish, "Banned from Argo"

Author: Tasen Soldier KJ009:MLAS
Hey Yukabacera! I know you're there, your automated reply message is spitting scrambled opcodes at me, stop trying to crack your own logbook you freak.

I haven't been up to much... just achieving digital omnipresence by gazing into the boiling eye of my plasmatic data-cauldron. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most all-seeing cutie of them all? "Why, you are, Harumi!"
Harumi Nakahara, AKA NeuromancerQueen99, The Secret World