Quotes / Pinball Protagonist

He no more knows his destiny than a tea leaf knows the history of the East India Company.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, introducing Arthur.

"I still think it's amusing that the heroes of the game had absolutely nothing to do with the plot at all and are in a constant state of confusion, at this point."

"What has Bond done this movie, really? Get captured on purpose and then just ride that train all the way through, right? I mean, other than the opening scene or two, this movie has reduced James Bond to a decent prisoner of war."
Jeremy Scott of CinemaSins on Bond in EWW Goldfinger

He's just a dope who does nothing but agree with the last thing he heard and everyone around him seems to realize it, you can tell from the way characters give him mission briefings. Every single time they make some token instructing noises, give him a little encouraging smack on the bum, then close the door in his face and go back to the TV. Ajay's story eventually leads to his parent's dark secret that explains why the villain has an interest in him. But since Ajay reacts to the revelation like a St. Bernard being told he can't have another biscuit, my first thought was "Any chance we could play as your parents instead? They sound more interesting than you."