Quotes / Phantom Dusclops 92

My life has quotes. That's interesting, huh?
The guys from the Italian Official Nintendo Magazine

"We hope Phantom Dusclops will not be mad if we think "Wiggler" is a better name than "Torcibruco"."
Review of Mario Kart 7, about the fact I often reprised them for their constant usage of English names of characters whose name changed in the Italian version.

"Is amazing: Our nitpickiest reader ever, Phantom Dusclops'92, is the first one entering the competition, and he is already at the first place!"
On the "Complete the National Pokédex in Pokémon Black and White faster" competition. At the end of it I was just third place. My nitpicky attitude never stopped: at least now they finally got that Kamek is a male, and that Bowser Jr. and Baby Bowser are not the same character.

My mother never shuts up

(watching Pokémon) "Why Ash doesn't grow up?"
You're not the only one thinking that, mom.

(looking at my bookshelf) "Hi, Perry. Hi, Mason. Hi, Della Street."
If you're asking: "Mason" and "Della Street" are actually Dr.Doofenshmirtz and Yuki Nagato.

My thoughts I never shared with people (or that are ignored when I say them aloud)

"The Dethroning Moment of Suck features a lot of things I actually laughed at. It's wrong if I like jokes about Jews, 9/11, Aspergers, child abuse and cartoon characters dying in an horrible way?"
I hope this doesn't make me look like the new Hitler.

"Why if I think something is good, Internet says it sucks?"
Too many things to associate. White Dwarf is one of them, for example.

"I'm not getting the implication given by Beyblade V Force that Fingerless Gloves are obligatory equipment required to throw a spinning top"
Seriously, I still don't get it. They wear them when is time to throw the tops, and they disappear when the battle is over. The recent Chinese series Hover Champs Spin & Go puzzles me with a similar implication of wearing sunglasses while using RC helicopters.

"Laugh tracks spoil the fun of watching Sitcoms".
Is like telling a joke in this way: "Why the chicken crossed the road? To get to the other side! Hahaha that's a funny joke you must laugh at it!". It gets the joke for you and so you don't have fun. The Big Bang Theory is the only exception for myself.

"Italian Disney comics are abusing In Medias Res intros".
I'm bored of all of those stories beginning in the same way: Intro panel of a weird situation and the narrator box saying things like "What a weird situation! How it could happen? To know it we must go back to some days/weeks before..." Is annoying. Can't you fit the flashback into the story in a better way than "surprised narrator goes back in time to get it"?