Quotes / Percussive Maintenance

"Electronic goods can be fixed by banging on them!"
Ran Kotobuki, Super Gals

"My ship works better when I kick it..."
Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop

"They remove Psycho Yellow from the Megazord by using the anti-virus technique of hitting it with a sword."

"Autoshop 101: Excessive Force."

"This is how we fix things on the Russian—" (begins beating wrench against engine) "—Space Station!"
Lev, Armageddon

"That's a precision tool board. The hammer lives elsewhere."
James May (to Percussive Maintenance devotee Jeremy Clarkson), Top Gear

"Kick the car, Mom! It works on the TV!"
Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes

"Bob, I swear one of these days that thing's gonna hit you back."
Percy, Legion

"Only old TVs get fixed when you smack them."
IF (after Compa suggests doing this to restore Neptune's memory), Hyperdimension Neptunia

Kevin Flynn: I need to steal this jet.
Black Guard: You are not authorized. *BONK* Right away, sir.

Jane: It's malfunctioning.
Darcy: That's what I said. (Jane starts knocking the device) That's what I did! I thought you'd do something a little more scientific.

Harper: ISI got us pinned down! C'mon, we need this thing up and running today!
Section: I'm trying!
Harper: Your GCM must be stuck! (kick! CLAW promptly activates) There! Un-stuck!

"Oh, hey! Random pounding works!"
Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Phineas and Ferb

"You wanna know what I do when some machine messes up? The first thing I do is give it a nice hard smack! I mean, most of the time I smash it to pieces, but hey, what can you do? [Slasher Smile] Now let's see if I can't fix you!"

Original Syntax: APOLOGIES. THAT INFORMATION IS PASSWORD PROTECTED PASSWORD PROTECTED PASSWORD PROTECTED (starts stuttering wildly and flopping about on the floor)
Lilac walks on over and gives the robot a nice hard kick.
Original Syntax: (beat) PASSWORD ACCEPTED. FOLLOW ME.

"Hitting a broken machine fixes it every time!"
Jibanyan, Yo Kai Watch (anime)