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Quotes: Pass the Popcorn
"Well... this thread should be fun. *popcorn*"
— A user in a thread about Skyward Sword's placement on the Zelda timeline

"Of course popcorn being the best judge of a person, right?"
— Remus to Sirius, referring to Snape, This Means War!

Lister: We've got two choices - either we go in there with bazookoids blazing and try and somehow get him [Rimmer] out of there, or we sit here like lemons and watch him get tortured.
Cat: Anybody got any opera glasses?
Red Dwarf, "Terrorform"

Flying Squirrel: Not used to the sidelines. What do we do while the boys take out the trash.
Red Panda: I brought some popcorn.
Flying Squirrel: You're not serious.
Red Panda: I'm always serious. But today I also have popcorn.

Nathan: This is great. This is some good drama.
Murderface: You can't pay for this. It's like an eclipse or something, it's just, you gotta be there.

Also, cut to Lecter watching this a bit too avidly. I'm pretty sure that if he could figure out how to make popcorn out of people, he'd be eating it right now.

Edd: I hope he doesn't wake Jimmy... this is not good...
Eddy: This is rich, Double D! [seats show up outta nowhere, Edd and Eddy sitting down] Take a seat, front-row center to the greatest show on Earth! [takes out popcorn, gobbling it up]
Edd: Are you gonna share those?
Ed, Edd n Eddy, "A Glass of Warm Ed"

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