Quotes / Pass the Popcorn

"Well... this thread should be fun. *popcorn*"
— A neogaf.com user in a thread about Skyward Sword's placement on the Zelda timeline

"Of course – popcorn being the best judge of a person, right?"
— Remus to Sirius, referring to Snape, This Means War!

Flying Squirrel: Not used to the sidelines. What do we do while the boys take out the trash?
Red Panda: I brought some popcorn.
Flying Squirrel: You're not serious.
Red Panda: I'm always serious. But today I also have popcorn.

Also, cut to Lecter watching this a bit too avidly. I'm pretty sure that if he could figure out how to make popcorn out of people, he'd be eating it right now.

Edd: I hope he doesn't wake Jimmy... this is not good...
Eddy: This is rich, Double D! [seats show up outta nowhere, Edd and Eddy sitting down] Take a seat, front-row center to the greatest show on Earth! [takes out popcorn, gobbling it up]
Edd: Are you gonna share those?
Ed, Edd n Eddy, "A Glass of Warm Ed"

"Who said anything about leading? I was going to watch...with snacks."
Sarcastic Mage Hawke about the mage rebellion

“Ladies, please! Wait!” Daniel interrupted. He reached behind the couch he and Rayana were sitting on and retrieved a large bowl of popcorn. He placed it in his lap and Rayana took a handful. “Alright, continue.”

"I know cooler heads should prevail, but am I the only one who wants to see this?"
Roger Sterling, Mad Men, "Signal 30" (Season 5, Episode 5), on an impending fight between Lane Pryce and Pete Campbell.

"Anyone have any popcorn? I'm gonna enjoy the show."
MacReady, Fallout 4: "Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution"