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Quotes: Parental Neglect
Everyone's looking for someone to blame. Society. Culture. Hollywood. Predators. Looking everywhere but the right place. Children are very simple, Mr. Jerusalem. Very easy devices to break, or assemble wrong. You want to know who did this to these kids? Only their parents. That's the thing no one wants to hear. Every time you stop thinking about how you're treating your kid, you make one of these. It really is as simple as that. It's got nothing to do with the failure of the society or any of that. It's got everything to do with the responsibility of making a human. Why are your kids selling themselves on the streets? Because you fucked up the job of raising them. That's what no one wants to hear. That we can't blame anything outside our houses.
Bill Rose, Transmetropolitan #40 "Business"

So they all go to breakfast, to listen to Applejack's explanation! BTW, I just realized Twilight and the Others have been gone from Ponyville for 3 days now! It's okay, it's not like SHE LEFT A KID ALONE AT THE LIBRARY!
Time Raider, Why My Little Pony Sucks, reviewing "The Last Roundup"

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