Quotes / Parallel Porn Titles

"The porno spoof is a fantastic art of film-making. Truly. When you break it down, the porno spoof is really nothing but a Saturday Night Live sketch, but with fucking. And any more humor. And what's also fascinating about the porno spoof is that most people just quit after they hear the title, as if the title is the climax of the porno spoof experience. It's not. The title is just the foreplay. The climax is when you watch the movie, and find out just who is eating Gilbert Grape!"

Varys: They're making a porn parody, my lord. And they're calling it Game of Bones.
Tyrion: Is that the best they could come up with?
Varys: I know; I could have come up with something better!
Tyrion: Actually, nothing will be coming up on you.
— Introduction to Game of Bones: Winter is Cuming