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Quotes: Out-of-Genre Experience
"Yes, it's a great case—for Perry Mason or Rip Kirby or Joe Mannix. But as a Justice League adventure, it's underwhelming... There's no cosmic drama here. It's a crime novel, with the Justice League jammed in place of the usual detective hero."
Commander Benson's Deck Log on "Panic from a Blackmail Box" from The Justice League of America Vol. 1 No. 62

"This is the key thing to realize about Revelation of the Daleks and about Necros. Look at how everybody is kept apart in the story... None of these are recognizably part of a single milieu. The usual accusation is that this is a story that is far more interested in its world than in the Doctor or the Daleks, but that misses the point — there is no world to this story. There’s just a collection of bits and bobs from other places. (This apparently even extends to the physical world of Necros - the sets are mostly repurposed from other shows)... Given everything going on within Doctor Who at this moment in time, there’s something frighteningly apt about having Doctor Who confronted with a vast assemblage of other television."
Phil Sandifer on "Revelations of the Daleks"

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