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kyusiko: i still relevant
coobie: no

Fan Works

Like you're reading a story, right? And you start out, and the first chapter or two you think 'oh, this story is all about THIS character! the peasant colt in the cottage!' and you go along and... then somewhere in the middle suddenly it's not anymore, it's all about the lonely princess in the tower or the wandering knight and the peasant colt is just a pony in the background for the rest of the story. I kinda feel like that.
Nyx, RealityCheck's Nyxverse, Nyx's family, final chapter.


"Whatever happened to my part?
It was exciting at the start
Now we're halfway through Act Two,
And I've had nothing yet to do!"
The Lady of the Lake, Spamalot, Whatever Happened To My Part?

Web Original

In-between these various abuses of the Penal Code are Ponch's own penal code violations—i.e.: his constant sexual harassment of any good-looking female who walks by him frequent romantic dates—as well as Jon's mysteriously blank social life (Estrada favoritism on the part of CHiPs's producers? Naah).

Poor Roxanne Dawson. When the show began, BíElanna was one of the characters that the writing team were most invested in — you could tell by the way it was her story that they focused on immediately after the pilot. There was a nice little character arc running through the first three seasons that saw the character go from an aggressive bully to a focused, professional Starfleet engineer... Season four was where it all started to go wrong (it seems that with the advent of Jeri Ryanís Seven of Nine that Torres was neglected, almost as if the writers are commenting that you canít have two such sophisticated characters on the show), and Torres underwent something of a character deterioration, and the few times they could be bothered to give her an episode, it seems that they felt the need to make an out-of-character regression.
Joe Ford on Star Trek: Voyager, "Juggernaut"

This is a Superman show where Green Arrow is more of a character, because Superman himself is forced to be static. And itís obvious that everyone involved has realized this. Thatís why theyíve introduced Green Arrow, and the JSA, and all those other guys, because the only alternative is a show about Clark Kent not being Superman, and who in the hell wants to watch that?
ComicsAlliance on Smallville ("Finale")

Web Video

Well, that's bullshit! First, Hitomi's Seeing, and now my Healing? What are you gonna steal next, Allen's Sex Appeal?

Krillan: We're staying here. Gohan, look after Little Green. Bulma... Do not do anything. [beat] For the entire trip.
Dragonball Kai Abridged, on the Namek Arc.

Real Life

Keiki is the main character of this series (although that's debatable).
—Official Keiki character bios