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Quotes: Out of Focus
David: Why wouldnít it? Smallville is ďno tights, no flights.Ē Itís about the human sides to the characters, man, not that adolescent power fantasy crap. Itís about whatís deep. SMALLVILLE IS ABOUT WHATíS REAL. If you excuse me, Iím going to go cry in front of my Aaron Ashmore shrine.
Chris: Really, I donít blame them. Smallville has done its level best to take away any reason we have to care about Clark. Itís just crazy that this is happening on a show in which he is the main character. Anyway, we get a nice pieta with Chloe and Jimmy to commemorate the sudden devaluation of a thousand fanficsÖ
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Doomsday")

kyusiko: i still relevant
coobie: no

Whatever happened to my part?
It was exciting at the start.
Now we're halfway through Act Two,
And I've had nothing yet to do!
-The Lady of the Lake, Spamalot, Whatever Happened To My Part?

"Did you ever feel like... like somepony made you a background pony in your own story? [...] Like... Like you're reading a story, right? And you start out, and the first chapter or two you think 'oh, this story is all about THIS character! the peasant colt in the cottage!' and you go along and... then somewhere in the middle suddenly it's not anymore, it's all about the lonely princess in the tower or the wandering knight and the peasant colt is just a pony in the background for the rest of the story. I kinda feel like that. Like I'm the peasant pony and the writer's just forgot all about me and gone off and did something with somepony else. [...] When we first got here, Mom and me, I mean, everything just kept happening. And stuff started building up, and building up, and it felt like, I dunno, like something big and important was going to happen to me— but instead it all happened to Spike. [...] I feel like I came all this way and something was supposed to happen... I was supposed to make something happen... and I never did."
-Nyx, Reality Checks Nyxverse, Nyx's family, final chapter.

Madison: I know I'm a Power Ranger, but c'mon. You guys are the ones that really... you know... lit it up. I don't feel like I did my share.
Xander: Maddie, that's ridiculous. You're as much a part of the team as anyone.
Chip: Yeah.
Madison: Thanks. But, um, lets get real here. Nick did the Catastros thing. Xander, you get all the spell codes. Chip, you saved Vida.
Chip: Oh, yeah.
Xander: That was cool.
Madison: And Vida kicks butt. And I...
Chip: What about Jenji? You helped Jenji.
Madison: As a friend, not a superhero. Oh, actually yeah, I did do something special. I got turned into a stone statue, and everyone had to come and save me. Awesome.
Power Rangers Mystic Force, "The Light"

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