Quotes / Our Werewolves Are Different

Tortured and reclusive... This man is more dangerous than he seems....
The Ancestor, when recruiting the Abomination, Darkest Dungeon

I wasn't the were- they were looking for; you were. I guess you were bitten by a werecat but my special amulet brings your human mind back in control.
Samantha "Wolfie" Wolf, The Wotch

He had heard tales from the refugees who trickled into the Two Rivers. They had old stories of men turning into wolves, stories few really believed, told to entertain children. Three claimed to have known men who became wolves and ran wild, though, and if the details had seemed wrong to Perrin, the uneasy way two of them had avoided his yellow eyes made confirmation of a sort. Those two, a woman from Tarabon and a man from Almoth Plain, would not go outdoors at night. They also kept giving him gifts of garlic for some reason, which he ate with great pleasure.
Lord of Chaos, The Wheel of Time

Legend tells of creatures - sometimes cats, sometimes other beasts, but most often, wolves - that can change shape, and walk as men. Legend says that this gift, or curse, granted them the reason of men, the instinct of wolves, and a strength far surpassing either species. Legend states that this fusion of man and beast, immune to all harm save silver or fire, who towers over mere mortals, powerful beyond imagining - Damn, I wish I was that guy!
Peter Stubbe, Peter Is the Wolf

I saw a werewolf drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic's. His hair was perfect.
Warren Zevon, Werewolves of London

We have scanned your species's folklore, sweetling. The silhouette of the solitary beast-man crying longingly to the pregnant moon is a common image. A human cursed by the heavens, by demons, or the magic of the elements, and forced to lunar cycles of frenzied release. Metamorphosis. The predator within manifested in flesh and blood. Blood. Blood everywhere!
Your fireside stories are a faint reflection of the truth. The werewolf was yet another of Lilith's creations. The mother of monsters combined humans and wolf-like demons, producing something savage and strong. Her creation spread and flourished in number, useful in her wars, yet they proved too short-lived to reach their potential and too hard to control. Lilith lost interest in her bestial children and left them to their own devices.
The Buzzing, The Secret World