Quotes / Orifice Invasion

"The Vord. They get inside you. Go in through the mouth, nose, ear. Burrow in. Then you die. But they have your body. Look like you. Can act like you."
Doroga, Codex Alera Book Two, Academ's Fury

Anakin: [as Luminara is about to get infected with a Puppeteer Parasite] We have to save her.
Obi-Wan: No, wait, I want to see how it works!
Anakin: I don't think Luminara wants to see how it works.
Luminara: No, I don't.
Obi-Wan: I'm curious. The more we know, the better!
Luminara: [recoiling as the worm is brought to her] I disagree!
Anakin: So do I.
Obi-Wan: Come now, the ear or the nose? Which do you think it will enter?
Anakin: [sighs] I'd say the nose.