Quotes / Only in It for the Money

Lord: Splendid! Nice work! I'll give you a reward and you can choose whatever you want.
Miko: Anything I want? Sure? Ok, let's see... All the money there is! Yippeeee! I can play for the rest of my life!
Sengoku Ace Episode I

"Try to motivate someone without some fucking money! They won't do it!"
Cody Weber

"We are Karate Duo Number One. Soldiers of fortune. Mercenaries for hire. Karate guys for cash. We work hard for the money. So hard for the money... We work hard for the money, so you'd better treat us right..."
Karate Duo Number One, Episode 9 of Bowser's Kingdom

Homer: Stupid Moe! Non-inventing, recipe-stealing, pug-nosed—
Marge: Well, Homer, maybe you can take some consolation in the fact that something you created is making so many people happy.
->Homer: OHHHHHH look at me! I'm making people HAPPY! I'm the Magical Man! From Happy-Land! In a gumdrop house on Lollipop Laaaaaaaaaaaane!
The Simpsons, "Flaming Moes"

"Look, I ain't in this for your revolution and I'm not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well-paid. I'm in it for the money!"
Han Solo, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

"Repeat after me: 'morality pays poorly.'"
Schlock, Schlock Mercenary

"For just a moment, I didn't want to ask for more money. I think I'm still on drugs."
Tagon, Schlock Mercenary

"If you're good at something, never do it for free."

Oogway: It's so nice to see you manage to use the most respected art-form in China and use it to pursue nothing but fame.
Ox: And fortune, don't forget about the fortune.
Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters

"I could care less if you love me or hate me!
Life's a bitch...now fuck you, pay me!"
Pitbull, "Shut It Down" featuring Akon

"If there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe anything you say."
Winston Zeddemore, Ghostbusters (1984)

"After all, it's not the principle of the thing, it's the money."

Jack: Hey Wilhelm, wanna come to the moon and hunt a Vault for me?
Wilhelm: No.
Jack: Come on, I'll pay you a couple million dollars.
Wilhelm: Okay.
[End recording]
Wilhelm: Yep. That's my backstory.

"I'm not a soldier, Major. The day we took hostages, we became mercenaries. And mercenaries get paid. I want my FUCKING money!"
Capt. Darrow, The Rock

"You wanna know what my vision is? ...Dollar signs! Money! I didn't build this ship to usher in a new era for humanity. You think I wanna go to the stars? I don't even like to fly. I take trains. I built this ship so that I could retire to some tropical island filled with ...naked women. That's Zefram Cochrane. That's his vision. This other guy you keep talking about. This historical figure. I never met him. I can't imagine I ever will."
Zefram Cochrane, Star Trek: First Contact

"Minions these days. Nothing but greedy little ingrates."
Maleficent commenting on the Gullwings - Kingdom Hearts II

"I'll stop if you pay me."
Erron Black, Mortal Kombat X

Raiden: You would oppose a god?
Erron Black: If the money were good enough.

"It hardly matters which set of villains walk the corridors of power, as long as they pay well."

Orson Welles: Hello, I'm Orson Welles. What follows is a terrifying journey into the world of magic, mystery...
Lawyer: Mr. Welles, this is a video will.
Orson Welles: What? Look, I don't need to do this, I've got a fishstick commercial in an hour! [leaves, but returns a second later] ...Oh, what the hell, I need the money.

"We do not murder.
We do not execute. We do not massacre. We never, you may be very certain, we never torture. We have no truck with crimes of passion or hatred or pointless gain. We do not do it for a delight in inhumation, or to feed some secret inner need, or for petty advantage, or for some cause or belief; I tell you, gentlemen, that all these reasons are in the highest degree suspect. Look into the face of a man who will kill you for a belief and your nostrils will snuff up the scent of abomination. Hear a speech declaring a holy war and, I assure you, should catch the clink of evil's scales and the dragging of its monstrous tail over the purity of the language.
No, we do it for the money.
And, because we above all must know the value of a human life, we do it for a great deal of money.
Nile mortifi, sine lucre. Remember. No killing without payment.
And always give a receipt."
Dr. Cruces, head of the Assassin's Guild, Pyramids

French agent: This is a dangerous mission, and some of you will die. But remember, in a world gone mad, you will die for a principle that you all hold close to your heart. Money!
Mercenaries: Viva franc! Viva deutschmark! Viva dollar! Viva numbered bank account in Switzerland!

The Doctor: Why Harper? Why leave the Ministry to back her? Why the fear? Why the hate?
Roderick Allingham: There comes a time in every man's life when he must put aside personal advancement and take a stand for what he truly believes in.
The Doctor: Yes?
Roderick Allingham: In my case, I'm proud to say that that time has not yet come. They're paying me a mint.