Quotes / Ominous Fog

Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
Hover through the fog and filthy air

The fog will come after several days
of rain. You must be prepared to take action
Seen countless times in status boxes, Persona 4

"O this cursèd mist! Disappointment, vexation ev'rywhere, creeping over ev'rything, confusing ev'ryone. Confusion without and within. O, for the light, the light of clear Heaven to separate evil from good!"
Vere, Billy Budd

Heavy #1: I don't like it.
Heavy #2: What?
Heavy #1: The fog. Look how suddenly it's come down.
[Fog machines activate]
Heavy #1: ...out of nowhere.

Looks like zombie weather today.
— Common joke regarding fog and mist

"Mist ... cemetery ... Halloween. Should end well." (slips and falls on his face)