Quotes / Older Than They Look

The girl lifted the steaming mug to her lips. The smell of the heavily spiced mead flooded the room. The therapist didnít comment, hadnít commented. She was technically legal, however young she might look.

I look like I'm twelve and that's ok.
Sarah Hyland on The Ellen Show

Nana: Hey, lil' kids shouldn't be swearin' now.
Leia: I'm not a little kid! I'm thirteen! I just haven't evolved yet.
I reached puberty at age 30. At 12, I looked like a fetus.
Dave Barry, to People magazine

Jack was overconscious of his relative youth. Although in America forty-three is considered young for a President, it is early middle age for a man. Certainly, to me, seven years younger, Jack seemed—and indeed was—mildly decrepit. He moved stiffly when he did not limp painfully from a bad back; war wound was the official line; touch football, the reality.

"Monica Bellucci is 50. SHEíS FIF-TEE! Iím guessing that Spectre is about Bondís search for the kind of virgin blood that Lucia Sciarra smears on her face. But more importantly, what happened in 1996? Was there some kind of gas leak in the offices of the Bond producers that caused them to go crazy in the brains and cast Teri Hatcher over Monica Bellucci? At least Monicaís time has finally come. Iíll say what you say to yourself when your drunk piece finally busts one after 45 minutes of you giving him a hand job: Better late than never!"

I look pretty young but I'm just back-dated.
The Who, "Substitute"

"It's the oily skin. It gives you zits when you are a teenager, but then it doesn't wrinkle as you get older."
Hau: Wow, Miss Lusamine! I don't know how you do all this! You're like, not even that much older than us!
Lusamine: Oh, you sweet boy! I'm already over 40!
Hau: You are? [beat] Wait, WHAT?!
Lusamine: Oh, you! The right style does wonders, you know. And, Hau, your style is a bit wanting, hm?

Vince: What about Naboo?
Bollo: He 406.
Vince: No way! He looks about 12! What's his secret? Oil of Ulay I bet.

In a couple days Iím gonna turn 29 years old, and I'm very excited about that. I was hoping by now that I would look older but that didnít happen. I donít look older, I just look worse, I think. Honestly, when I'm walking down the street, no one's ever like, "Hey, look at that man!" I think theyíre just like "Whoa! That tall child looks terrible! Get some rest, tall child! You canít keep burning the candle at both ends!"

Superman had called this city home since 1938. Now it was 1985, and whatever responsibilities it held for superhumans had been passed on to her own white-clad, red-caped shoulders. Some people below saw her, pointed, shouted at her, waved their hands wildly. She gave a half-hearted wave back, not really looking at them.
Power Girl wore a white leotard, cut high on the thighs and low on the chest... a great distraction for evildoers, and any other males past puberty. Her feet were hidden in blue buccaneer boots, she wore blue gloves (none of that stupid bare-handed stuff for her; Kal's leaving fingerprints had gotten him in trouble more than once), and had a red belt with a gold buckle slung low on her hips (she had it and wasn't afraid to show it).
She had been born in 1916, and had the body of a 29-year-old. Her origin was far, far stranger than Kal's.