Quotes / Offing the Offspring

"I am your father! I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out!"
Dr. Cliff Huxtable (an obstetrician) to his son, on The Cosby Show

I would rather be Herod's pig than his son.
Augustus Caesar

"Now I realize that banishment was far too merciful for treason. Your penalty shall be far steeper."
Firelord Ozai to Prince Zuko, Avatar: The Last Airbender

"You ungrateful, insolent child, I now see there is no chance to save you."
Hiroshi Sato, The Legend of Korra

" I gave you life, I will also kill you!"
Taras Bulba, Taras Bulba.

What can one do when one is a widower
Shamefully burdened with three little pests
All that I wanted was the freedom of a new life
So my burden I began to divest.
The Decemberists, "The Rake's Song"

"I wasn't the first child [Henry Lawson] made, only the first one he kept."
Miranda Lawson, Mass Effect 2

"Son... I need your strength. I gave you life. Now you must give it back to me... only a million times more radiant... more powerful."
David Banner, Hulk

My parents are gonna kill me!
— Every teenager ever

"I grow weary of you, my son. I created you and I will be your end!"
Zeus to Kratos, God of War III

The High Priestess: I knew you would fail us. You were the strongest, but the most unfocused! Always distracted, questioning everything. But all that can change. You can still honor our Lord Father. (offers a dagger) Destroy the Samurai, Ashi.
Ashi: No! You were wrong about everything. Jack showed me the truth.
The High Priestess: Then you, too, will die!

"You have brought me nothing but shame. I shall put you out of your misery!"
Tenjuro Banno to Gou, Kamen Rider Drive

Mantis: [Thanos] is in anguish!
Peter Quill: Good.
Mantis: [crying] He... he mourns!
Drax: What does this monster have to mourn?!
Nebula: Gamora.
Peter Quill: What?
Nebula: He took her to Vormir. He came back with the Soul Stone. She didn't.