Quotes: Oddly Named Sequel

From what I understand, Final Fantasy II, at the time of its Japanese release, wasn't released in the US, neither was Final Fantasy III. But Final Fantasy IV came out here, and because we didn't have II or III, it wouldn't have made sense to call it IV. So what do they do? They call it II. Now, Final Fantasy V wasn't released here either. So when VI came out, that became III. Final Fantasy III also happens to be one of my all time favourite games on the Super Nintendo. And I remember that after that, Squaresoft started releasing the next Final Fantasy games on Playstation. Things changed and now they weren't fucking with the titles any more. So when Final Fantasy VII came out, they just called it Final Fantasy VII. And that's where the confusion began. I wondered, "What the fuck happened to IV, V, and VI?" But what I really should have been wondering, little did I know, "What the fuck happened to II, III, and V?". And once I figured that out, I was like, "So there were other Final Fantasy games we didn't know about? I was playing VI all along and not III?" What a bunch of fucking bull fuck!