Quotes / Odd Name Out

"Hello Bob. Bobs. All the Bobs. And Malcolm."
Helena, MirrorMask

Michael, Peter, David, Vladimir...I think we may have a spy in the organization.
Frankie Boyle, "Unlikely Lines from a Thriller"

"I'm Yakko."
"I'm Wakko."
"And I'm Dot, the impossibly cute one."

Glory: And the last one [queen]? Let me guess - Splendiferous? Astonishing? Too Beautiful For Dragon Eyes To Bear?
Kinkajou: That's Fruit Bat.
Glory: All right. Didn't see that one coming.
Wings of Fire: The Hidden Kingdom

I named them based on the placement of their gems. There's Leggy, Army, Navy, Eyeball, and uh... Doc.
Steven, Steven Universenote