Quotes / Occupiers out of Our Country

Major Kira Nerys: None of you belonged on Bajor. It wasn't your world. For fifty years you raped our planet, and you killed our people. You lived on our land and you took the food out of our mouths, and I don't care whether you held a phaser in your hand or you ironed shirts for a living. You were all guilty and you were all legitimate targets!
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Darkness and the Light.

"Generations will continue to meet the same fate unless the perennial oppressor-Britain-is removed, for she will unashamedly and mercilessly continue to maintain her occupation and economic exploitation of Ireland to judgment day, if she is not halted and ejected."
Bobby Sands, Irish revolutionary.

'"As down the glen one Easter morn to a city fair rode I
Their Armed lines of marching men in squadrons passed me by
No pipes did hum no battle drum did sound it's loud tatoo
But the Angelus bell o'er the Liffey swell rang out through the foggy dew

Right proudly high over Dublin Town they flung out the flag of war
'Twas better to die 'neath an Irish sky than at Sulva or Sud El Bar
And from the plains of Royal Meath strong men came hurrying through
While Britannia's Huns, with their long range guns sailed in through the foggy dew

'Twas England bade our Wild Geese go that small nations might be free
But their lonely graves are by Sulva's waves or the fringe of the Great North Sea
Oh, had they died by Pearse's side or fought with Cathal Brugha
Their names we will keep where the fenians sleep 'neath the shroud of the foggy dew

Oh the bravest fell, and the requiem bell rang mournfully and clear
For those who died that Easter tide in the spring time of the year
While the world did gaze, in deep amaze, at those fearless men but few
Who bore the fight that freedom's light might shine through the foggy dew

Back through the glen I rode again and my heart with grief was sore
For I parted with those valiant men whom I never shall see more
But to and fro in my dreams I go and I'd kneel and pray for you,
For slavery fled, O glorious dead, When you fell in the foggy dew.'"
— "The Foggy Dew," an Irish war ballad about the Easter Rising.

Cheat him? How can you speak of cheating a German? The Germans are taking our land, the food from our children! We are like slaves in our own land! Tyler understood this, if you betray us you betray the cause he died for!
Milos, The Last Express

"I'm fighting because you're down here."
— reportedly said by a Confederate Army prisoner-of-war to his Union captors during The American Civil War

"No dictator, no invader can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom. Against that power, governments and tyrants and armies cannot stand. The Centauri learned this lesson once. We will teach it to them again. Though it take a thousand years, we will be free."