Quotes / Nothing but Skulls

Then a pile of heads he laid—
Thirty thousands heaped on high—
All to please the Kafir maid,
Where the Oxus ripples by,
Grimly spake Atulla Khan:—
"Love hat made this thing a Man."
"Oatta's Story", opening poem to Rudyard Kipling's 'His Chance in Life' from "Plain Tales from the Hills"

"The ride's a little bumpy on the famous Road of Skulls..."
Iain M. Banks, "Road of Skulls"

— Khornate Berserkers in general, Warhammer 40,000

DM: Suddenly, a great rumbling shakes the caverns. The walls crack open, and thousands of skulls are released!
Legolas: Oh crap.
DM: They tumble down from above, forming a great avalanche of death. The horrid sight is-
Aragorn: Skulls? Like, only skulls?
DM: Yeah.
Aragorn: But that makes no sense!
DM: It's just a trap! Dungeons have them all the time.
Aragorn: I'm not calling the device into question. I'm questioning the payload. Thousands and thousands of skulls? How does that work, exactly? Was this a race of floating heads?
Legolas: Maybe they have another trap which just drops arms and legs.
Gimli: I'll bet this was a robust culture. Imagine their funerals... "Oops, Granny's dead, let's lop off her head and chuck it into the big bin to be dropped on adventurers."
Aragorn: This is the first trap I've ever encountered that could be triggered by negotiations. I wonder how long it takes them to reset the trap every time it goes off?
Gimli: (possibly) Conan's Codpiece! It's like we're in a big bowl of Cap'n Crunch.
Aragorn: No problem, I'll just roll my saving throw vs. ridiculous contrivances.