->''It was too cold to cry when I woke up alone\\
I hit the last number, I walked to the road.''
-->--'''Music/TomPetty and the Heartbreakers''', "Mary Jane's Last Dance"

->''When I woke up I was all alone\\
With a broken heart and a ticket home.''
-->--'''Music/SteveEarle''', "Galway Girl"

-> ''It was early morning yesterday\\
I was up before the dawn\\
And I really have enjoyed my stay\\
But I must be moving on''
-->--'''Music/{{Supertramp}}''', "Goodbye Stranger"

->'''[[Creator/BenCroshaw Yahtzee]]:''' The insane level of detail in this game: The gum packet you start with, you can open and take out the three sticks of gum within it. We are now standing over our sleeping girlfriend wearing dark sunglasses and chewing gum at her.\\
'''Gabriel''': That is not a fun way for you girlfriend to wake up. She will be upset with you.\\
'''Yahtzee:''' "I'm not snugglin'. I can't be tied down, bitch!"
-->--'''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgU-KA46THc Let's Play]]''' ''Dreamweb''

->''"Dude’s rich and handsome and ''still'' needs his charming English butler to get his dates drunk and tell cute stories about his childhood to get them into bed...Also, pretty awesome how when they wake up the next morning, she’s all [='=]'''''HEY COME OVER TO MY HOUSE AND HAVE A MEAL AND TALK ABOUT THINGS I LIKE'''''[='=] and he’s like [='=]You gotta get the f*** outta here.[='=] [[SuperDickery Our Hero, ladies and gentlemen.]]"''
-->--'''Chris Sims''' and '''David Uzumeri''' [[http://comicsalliance.com/batman-1989-review-2/ on]] ''{{Film/Batman}}''