Quotes / Nornagest

"The enthusiasm with which Pokemon is discussed among grown men on this forum never ceases to amaze me."

Nornagest explains moe:

"You know the protective feeling you get when you look at something tragically cute, like a kitten with a broken leg? A sort of urge to hug it and make it all better?

Imagine that. Then imagine wanting to put it on a body pillow and have sex with it."

"No offense, but I think everyone using the phrase "serious business" should be tasered. I've never seen it used in a way that didn't come down to a belittling attempt to stifle discussion and replace it with cat pictures."

"Leave me out of this."

"Would it be in bad taste to claim that I'm dying of Münchausen's syndrome?"

"You're giving me the oddest urge to pull out my eyes and throw them at the screen."

"Meet. Fitting. Appropriate. Help appropriate for him.

And if you parse "appropriate" as "take", I swear to God I'll fucking cut you."

"Congratulations, you've just discovered heteronormativity. Now you have the tools to get an A on any humanities paper you want."

"That doesn't make you a psychic vampire. It just makes you socially awkward."

On Wikipedia:

"If it's good enough to settle casual arguments between PhDs, I'd say that's a fairly strong indication that it's good enough to settle casual arguments between teenagers on the Internet."

"If I wanted to devote a significant portion of my online life to pure complaining, I'd join Something Awful."

"Well, that bathtub of delicious tears isn't going to fill itself."