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Quotes: Noodle Incident
Calvin: Lies! Everything Miss Wormwood said about me was a lie! She just doesn't like me! She hates little boys! It's not my fault! I'm not to blame! She told you about the noodles, right? It wasn't me! Nobody saw me! I was framed! I wouldn't do anything like that! I'm innocent, I tell you!
Calvin's Mom: What noodles?
Calvin: Oh...uh...Ha ha! Did I say noodles? You must have heard wrong. I didn't say noodles.

Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooey (like the Noodle Incident I've referred to in several strips) is left to the reader's imagination, where it's sure to be more outrageous.
Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, talking about two noodle incidents in his own comic.

I always enjoy unspeakable horrors that are left up to the viewer's imagination.
Matthew Taranto, author of Brawl in the Family

Kojiro: When was the longest time that she stayed away?
Kirino: That's got to be that one time! That one time!
Kojiro: Oh, that time!

There was also a Beaver, that paced on the deck,
Or would sit making lace in the bow:
And had often (the Bellman said) saved them from wreck,
Though none of the sailors knew how.

291. Limericks are strictly forbidden after the incident at the Cathedral of the Silver Flame. Let us never speak of it again.
— "1001 and More Things the Worst Party in Eberron is Forbidden from Doing"

Airplane Pilot: Have you ever been in a cockpit before, Father?
Father Dougal: Ah, no. But this one time I was on the bridge of a Sealink ferry, and it was funny, I was looking at the controls and -
Father Noel: (coughcoughcough)
Father Dougal: ...Oh, um, nothing happened at all.

Brains come out, swamp water doesn't. Don't ask me how I know that.
Legally, I'm not allowed to own a firearm. I hope you guys are okay with that.
Nick, Left 4 Dead 2

EB: how'd you get it then?
TG: shenanigans
EB: ok.

There are dozens and dozens of engravings of dwarves being struck down by an seemingly-endless herd of legendary named elephants. The slaughter must have been unimaginable. I cannot conceive of what they must have done to engender this much hatred from the elephants.

I had that dream again. The one about the rabbits and their Molotov cocktails.
Rick Ajax, Unbound Saga

Pleakley: Well, I just hope that this won't end up like the incident with the giant chicken.
Jumba: I thought we were agreeing never to talk about that again.
Pleakley: All I remember are the feathers. Oh, the feathers...

Let's face it, this isn't the worst thing you've caught me doing.
Tony Stark to Pepper Potts when she first sees him in his armor, Iron Man

Events always seem to unfold wherever I go. Like Chicago a few years ago. ...It's a bother to explain.

Kirikou: Well, you know! We came from "talking" to that giant with our fists.
Ox Ford: In the end, everybody was completely nude around the campfire.

I'd...rather not talk about it.
Jim Morales, Kadik phys ed teacher, Code Lyoko

Barney: You mean it's working? For real this time? Because I still have nightmares about that cat.
Alyx: What cat?
Dr. Kleiner: Ah, now. We've made major strides since then. ...Major strides.
Alyx: What cat?

(Jack has just pulled a drowning Elizabeth out of the water, and Murtogg and Mullroy are trying to revive her)
Mullroy: She's not breathing!
(Jack pulls off her corset, and she takes a deep breath)
Murtogg: Never would've thought of that...
Jack: Clearly you've never been to Singapore.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

That's nothing. I once lost my genetics, rocketry, and stripping licenses in a single incident.
— The Alt Text to this xkcd comic

Dora: Geez, you musta freaked out the first time you got your period, huh.
Hannelore: We don't... we don't talk about that day.

Hellboy: Remember the secret room at Castle Glamis?
Pauline Raskin: That's why you go first.
Hellboy: Every dirty job...
Hellboy: Dr. Carp's Experiment

Natasha Romanoff: This is just like Budapest all over again.
Clint Barton: You and I remember Budapest very differently.

26. [DATA REDACTED ON O5 REQUEST]. Not even for recreational use

And I made no friends buying the spork!
Peter Parker, Bad Lip Reading

Johnny: Mandy has made a knife out of her lollipop!
Nick: Y'know, that kind of thing is exactly what kept me alive in Alaska. That, and the fact that I was a very good dancer.

Varric: (on how his crossbow got her name) There was a girl, and I made a promise. Bianca is the only story I can never tell.
Merrill: You can't say that! Now I want to know even more!
Varric: (chuckles) That was the idea, Daisy.

The only search my old site ( ever pwned was "nude women with hiccups", the reasons for which I neither can nor wish to recall.
Chris Livingston, creator of Concerned, on becoming the number one Google result for the word "concerned"

Louie: But he's too strong! Not even Unca Scrooge can beat him!
Dewey: We can use the Fusion technique!
Louie: Not Fusion! I promised not to use it after last time!
Dewey: What happened to Webby was an accident! Believe in yourself, stupid!
Ducktalez 3

"I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel..."
Tyrion, Game of Thrones

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