Quotes / Non-Singing Voice

"Mulan's grandma is kinda fun... although her voice actress tends to change startlingly upon singing..."

"Gah! Whose voice is that? Cary Elwes suddenly turned into Clay Aiken!"

"The singing voices bear no resemblance to the speaking voices to an extent beyond anything I’ve ever heard. Have you ever listened to Celine Dion and thought “I bet that’s what Jane Seymour would sound like when she sings”? Or perhaps you have heard a Journey song on the radio and mistaken Steve Perry for Pierce Brosnan? Of course not, because you are not an insane person. The same cannot be said for the person who cast the singing voices in this movie."
Brian Lynch, My Year Without Disney, also on Quest for Camelot

"That's great, Yogi. Why, you sound like James Darren."
Boo-Boo, Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!