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Quotes: Nobody Poops
"And yet—And, yet... not one toilet on the entire Enterprise... Not one! Do these people not poop?"
Voltaire (no, not that one), Poopin' on the Enterprise

Do you know why we never see Jack Bauer go to the bathroom? Because nothing escapes Jack Bauer!

Milne seriously asks us to believe that Pooh, that horizontal Porta Potti, will get slender enough merely by remaining motionless, never emitting so much as a plaintive fart, much less a purgative dump.
Postmodern Pooh

Gabriel pooped in a secret place.
Penny Arcade

You ever notice that Batman never goes to the Bathroom? Maybe that's why he's always grimacing.

VoidBurger: What is it with David Cage games and pissing? Why does everyone piss? Is he one of those people that found it unrealistic that, like, in The Legend of Zelda Link never goes to the bathroom?
Chip Cheezum: That's like a thought that five-year-olds have, though! Like, I thought that when I watched Power Rangers, like 'When do they pee?! They never pee! When do they go to the bathroom?!'

Art: OK, here's a question for you. Do My Little Ponies crap rainbows? Yes or no?
Pip: I say "no". I don't believe they have the ability to crap at all.
Pip: I think it just builds up until they explode in a cloud of sugar and fertilizer, from which pretty flowers bloom.
Sequential Art, page 751

"It's really depressing that some people's fanatical devotion to 'realism' uses a definition of 'realism' that begins and ends with their frustration that almost no fictional works even mention, much less dwell on, the characters' habits of urination and defecation."
ArcTan on deadEarth

"Have you ever saw a comic book character going to the toilet?"
Jack Kirby, Rat-Man

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