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...I'm sorry! I'm so shameless.

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The first step is to admit that you have a problem. The second step is to kidnap her.

I followed you upstairs because I have a knife and I love you.

Stolen By Faeries: And no... this is boring.
Noaqiyeum: You say that with such confidence that I can only assume it involves mining machinery.

!!science!! is the best kind of science.

I feel a moral calling to be a Devil's Advocate. (from PM's)

So says my psych text.

Iím kind of starting to think if Australia was Britain's prison colony, then Perth was the psychiatric wing.

My cast is very diverse! I have a neoclassical utilitarian, a reactionary individualist, an emotional stoic, a poetic pragmatist, a misanthropic romantic, and a pragmatic idealist.

Quotes About Me

I must have awesome nightmares if you're one of them.

Your style is excellent, you seem to be crazy, but in a good way. Please don't kill me.
Never One For Apprehension or Qualms, I Yearn to Explore Uncharted Mindscapes

"Happy cheery" is OOC? I'd always thought that if ever you or Noaqiyeum were ever not happy, you would manifest into your true forms and devour the souls of the tropers, while the world watches and wonders.

I think I was more comfortable with xim when xe was an betentacled abomination unto the Lord in my mind.

Noa is the certified nutbar of the group.

...Noa's smiling. Every time Noa smiles, a puppy dies.

Sabre's Edge: Crackie, Cygan, Noaqiyeum, Stolen. The unholy quartet from beyond space and time.
She Who Chews Gum: ... I have a mental image of betentacled horrors being in a barber shop quartet.

It's a rare person who can beat Noaq in a creep-off.

Act Like The Above Troper Hello, I'm a conundrum wrapped in a madman strapped in a straight jacket.

[No-one] bugs Noa about their erratic posting which can only be explained by saying they live in Narnia.

I frankly wouldn't have been surprised... Noa is, after all, a thing of great strangeness. :P

I know you're not. The idea of Noa, whom I see to be the MANLIEST of all abominations, being in charge of faeries...
Just doesn't work.

Then, this it-thingy, it is my sibling in song! O, glory of tentacled glories!

If Graham Specter and Alice Liddel had a child, and that child were to be really into the steampunk aesthetic, it would look rather similar to how I picture you.

Quotes I happen to like

How do you think Britain made an empire for itself? It created some classic horror stories and then read them to its children.

You can have my mustache when you pry it from my cold dead upper lip.

It's like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, tropey-wopey... stuff.

Awww. You'd let the forces of Evil win against the forces of Incredibly Infuriating?

Trouble is where God hides all the stories.

"I'm okay if you thinking I'm condescending so long as you're willing to accept that I'm right."

Atheist VS Proselyte: Whoever wins, we lose.

Emotions should be replaced with Partying.

See, you say "improvisation" and I hear "ROLEPLAYING" with an accompanying fanfare (it sounds a bit like I Am The Doctor).

Our train of thought may have derailed, but it is now a magical train flying through the sky!

The weird thing about Pentecostals, is as far as I've seen, they do REALLY NUTTY THINGS.
And... those things usually work.

"In case of bad dreams and worse reality, sing out loud."

"Depends how you define "classic literature". I really hate how it's used normally: lumping everything old, famous and critically acclaimed into one group, which is then presented as a dreary challenge to students."

"I'm an odd person that likes to write odd people."

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F34r m3 1m 133k h4xx0r

...from your best nightmare

...from Fliegende Oktoberländer

...from out of Context

...from out of nowhere

...from the Shadowlands

...from laughterhouse5

...from the Bright in the Screen

...from the land of make-believe

...from one moment to the next

...from the ocean of darkness, the mirror of light

...from a thought-experiment gone horribly wrong

Life is short, art is long, opportunity fugitive, experimenting dangerous, reasoning difficult.
Hippocrates, "The Aphorisms"

Neurotic (adj): Portmanteau of "new" and "erotic"

This is a wug. Now there are two of them. There are two ____.

If you see me in November, do me a favor and scorn me back out.

"Break the conventions. Keep the commandments."

My flights of fancy have jet-assisted take-off.

The first step is to admit that you have a problem. The second step is to kidnap her.

It's not deception unless you're stupid enough to believe it!

If it's crazy and it works, it's not crazy. If it's clever and it doesn't work, it's not clever.

I am the Dwarf who arranges the Words that Supposedly Fall from Up Above

the best kind of sense

Go and get your riot gear! Swing your partner all around!
We'll be dancing on the cinders as the town is burning down!

Liberté, Égalité, Absurdité

If you love somebody, set them on fire. (If they extinguish, they were yours all along.)

The best defence is documents that will be leaked through anonymous channels if I am not heard from within the next twenty minutes.

Quarantine Is Job #1

Please don't go! The drones need you! ;_;