Quotes: No, You

"You… you! Every last one of you, who has sh—expressed hate against me? You're the shitheads! Also, every last one of you who thinks that I am similar to that—of that senile old man in Family Guyyou're the pedophiles. Every one of you who thinks I'm homo and calls me that—because I am not; I'm straight! I'm straight!—you’re the homos! Every last one of you!"

Mako: I told you dating a teammate was a bad idea.

Aaroniero: I have the full power of the Shinigami Kaien Shiba! Also i have tentacles! Also, i have 29,998 other powers!
Therapist: ...that was oddly nonspecific.
Aaroniero: You are oddly nonspecific!
Therapist: What?
Aaroniero: Your mom is oddly nonspecific!
Therapist: What are you talking about?

Deithard: "Oh, it's you two idiots. What do you want?"
Jeremiah: "You're the idiot." I am so good at come backs.

(Hol Horse aggravates Polnareff by imitating him.)
Hol Horse: Heh heh, so easy. Come on, Mr. Polpolu~n.
Polnareff: No ur Mr. Holholu~n!