Quotes / No-Holds-Barred Beatdown

Suruga Kanbaru, Bakemonogatari

Time for school... a lesson in the school of life, eh?

Well a hush fell over the pool room, Jimmy come boppin' in off the street
And when the cuttin' was done the only part that wasn't bloody was the soles of the big man's feet
He'd been cut in 'bout a hundred places and he was shot in a couple more
And you'd better believe they sung a different kind of story when Big Jim hit the floor!
Jim Croce, "You Don't Mess Around With Jim"

Ah yes, I was wondering what would break first: your spirit, or, your body!

Tyler: Where'd you go, psycho boy?
Narrator: ...I felt like destroying something beautiful.

Why? I have the power of God himself; why is this happening? How are these attacks reaching me? How is a mere human alchemist defeating me with his bare hands?!
Father, Fullmetal Alchemist

There's no escape this time, Basil!
Professor Rattigan, The Great Mouse Detective

Die! Die! Die, you PIECE OF SHIT!
Senator Armstrong, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Mr. Larson: (after Shooter takes the gold jacket) Hey, I believe that's Mr. Gilmore's! (slow-mo) Raaahrrr! I will get you Shooter! (amidst beatings) Stay still!
Shooter McGavin: NOOOOO! (beatings continue)

Then all hell broke loose. It wasn't a trial. It wasn't even a lynching. It wasn't human.
The Gibbon, Marvel Apes

Chu: (trying to get up from the ground) Bastard...
Usopp: AH! Usopp Hammer! Usopp Hammer! Usopp Hammer! Usopp Hammer! Usopp Rubberband! Usopp Hammer! Usopp Hammer! Usopp Hammer! Usopp Hammer! Usopp Hammer! Usopp Hammer! USOPP HAMMER!

Hey, you know what really gets under my skin? Proverbially, of course? A century of wizards looking down their damn noses at me. Energy Drain! I know people think I'm stupid. Because I'm not a wizard. Because I get bored easily. Because I have no interest in strategy or tactics or contingency planning. Energy Drain! But see, I've learned a lot over the years since I died. A lot more than I learned during my life. And now I see that planning doesn't matter. Strategy doesn't matter. Only two things matter: Force in as great a concentration as you can manage, and style. And in a pinch, style can slide. Energy Drain! In any battle, there's always a level of force against which no tactics can succeed. For example, all I need to do is keep smacking you with Energy Drains, and soon you won't be able to cast any of your fancy spells at all. Energy Drain! Because yes, I am a sorcerer - and this magic is in my bones, not cribbed off of "Magic for Dummies." And I can keep casting the same friggin' spell at you until you roll over and die. You can have your finely-crafted watch - give me the sledgehammer to the face any day. ENERGY DRAIN!

Then I find [the Engineer], hiding by teleporter. I take his gun away from him. He tries to hit me with wrench So I take wrench away from him. I take his wrench and shove it down his throat, all the way down to the handle. Then I rip off all his fingers, one by one! Let's see you build toys NOW! (laughs) There is blood everywhere! And he is crying! (laughs) I think he cries out for mother, but... the wrench is stuck in his throat! And it sounds like (imitates a choking noise). Is this not the funniest thing?
The Heavy, Poker Night at the Inventorynote 

Looks like it's time for a sustained and brutal beating.
Frank Castle, The Punisher MAX, "The Slavers"

Get up.
Johnny Gat, repeatedly, Saints Row 2

If one of you try and violate me
You'll get a punch in your face with my front-door key
Punch in the neck with my back-door key
Box in the mouth with my X6 key
Box in the eye with the fob I use to log into my HSBC
Talk about banks, kill 'em with P's
Run up in yo girl's house with two of my G's
Get the money out, put the money in his mouth
Then suffocate man with about two G's
Suffocate man with about four G's
Suffocate man, then I might just breeze
I'll bury man two-foot shallow
Ain't got time to dig six feet deep
Jme, "Man Don't Care"

Ladies will tell you that fighting was only invented because men needed a way to measure their dongs when they were away from a ruler. But this fighting article is about something you can appreciate, girls: revenge. Sometimes combat is simply used as a way to tell your enemy that you thought about what they did and fuck them.

After a while, all I'm doing is pounding chunks of wet bone into the floorboards, so I stop.
Hartigan, Sin City

Give me your face!
Optimus Prime as he tears it off the Fallen, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Your orders are simple: I punch, you suffer. Got it?

She was already stretching her arms. She had little enough body fat that the muscles stood out in her arms and shoulders. Her long black curls were tied back into a loose ponytail, with some strands already slipping free to frame her face. Muscles or no, she was still narrow, still tall. If he didn’t know her, and if the situation called for it, he might think he could take her in a fight. Building muscle came easily to him. Building fat did too, unfortunately, but the end result was that he was physically imposing, even at sixteen. Yet if they scrapped, he suspected he’d be left crumpled in a heap on the ground. It was the way she fought. The way she thought.
Golem on Weaver, Worm