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Quotes: No Budget
Yeah, we gonna turn Hollywood out! (NO BUDGET!)"
No Budget, from the Cecil B. Demented soundtrack.

There is no shop in London Town
Except two flats that are painted brown
But think of all the cash they've saved
The physical budget's impeccably shaved

"You know when I used to come through a door in Doctor Who very slowly and peer around, it wasn't because I wanted to come through a door like that. If I'd come through a door quickly, the door would've come off in my hand. So one had to stealthily creep around because the sets were very, very delicate."
Tom Baker in 1984

Q: Again, on the low budget problem, in Paradise Towers you have a monster that was two neon rings in a dark room...
Cartmel: We were lucky to have the neon rings! Thank god it was a dark room!
Andrew Cartmel on Doctor Who, "Paradise Towers"

"M.A.N.T.I.S. never achieved very much glamor during its single season, even after they started introducing real super-villains. In the end rather than retire from being M.A.N.T.I.S. or have Hawkins reveal his identity, they killed the character off.

Using an invisible dinosaur.

What you see there is the actual death scene of the protagonist, fighting an invisible dinosaur. Other heroes have come to far more ignoble ends, but rarely on network primetime."

David: This is convenient, because when Superman rescues the train, they can just take a simple flying-forward-over-a-greenscreen shot and overlay it over stock traveling-through-subway-tunnel footage. Four thousand dollars saved for Globus!
Chris: Also Superman can stop a subway train just by shorting out the third rail, rather than actually physically using his strength so stop it. That’s another five grand!
David: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve saved the cocaine mountain budget!
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

"So Kirk, Spock, and McCoy get taken to the ship's brig, which is just a room where they're preventing from escape by powerful fluorescent light bulbs. Ok, now don't get me wrong, I love practical effects; but really? Are we supposed to believe that those're some kinda laser bars or somethin'? Fucking really? You couldn't do some kind of effect here? Jesus Christ, where did all the money in the budget go to, catering for James Doohan? Toupees for William Shatner? Like, Next Gen just has a glowing blue light, totally transparent cell door—but just a simple electrostatic zap-type effect that indicated that there was an invisible force field there. That's all you need. Then you don't gotta stare at this fuckin' terrible set, and you can shoot at your actors inside the cell door without having the fuckin' florescent light bulbs there."

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