Quotes / 9th Company

Lyutyy: "Listen, Gioconda. Honestly, why did you go to Afghan? No bullshit, OK? You could sit in the HQ, paint your pictures. They asked you to. Hell, you could evade the draft at all."
Gioconda: "You won't understand."
Lyutyy: "Try to explain, would you?"
Gioconda: "Explain? Look. [points to a tank] Beautiful, isn't it? All this might, and nothing otiose, not a single line out of place. The weapons are the most beautiful things the man created in all history."
Lyutyy: "Well?"
Gioconda: "There was this Renaissance artist, Michelangelo. And was asked how he created his sculptural masterpieces. He said, it's very simple, I just take a stone and chop everything otiose. You see? The beauty is when you don't have anything otiose, no conventionalities, and no peelings. And the war is like this, it's just life and death, nothing out of place. The war is beautiful."